db2 rollforward bufferpool error [How to Solve]

1. Problem: After transferring the online db2 backup file and logs from server A to server B for restoration, no error was reported during the restore process, but an error was reported during the rollforward process of the database, reporting sql1218n there are no pages currently available in bufferpool “”. sqlstate=57011 error, check db2diag report no available free pages, etc.

2. Analysis of the reasons: A server on the library bufferpool set relatively large, in B server is not so large memory, so it will report an error, in forward with topas or nmon for memory observation can be analyzed.

3. Solution: db2 has a global variable db2_override_bpf, you can set this variable, how much to set, according to the memory of the B server for planning, you need to restart db2 after setting to make it effective. Now, according to a backup file, it takes more than three months to rollforward the data, but now it takes one day to roll forward the data of less than 5 days.

4. Then observe the progress of rollforward.

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