Change Jupyter Notebook Default Directory

Change Jupyter Notebook Default Directory

There are three way to change the default (i.e., start-up) directory of jupyter notebook.

Solution #1
1. Use command line (aka, cmd), run the following command: this will generate a config file (, in your working location (C:\Users[Your Username].jupyter).
jupyter notebook --generate-config
2. Goto that location (C:\Users[Your Username].jupyter) and edit file as follow.
Find line:

## The directory to use for notebooks and kernels.
#c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = ''

3. Delete the “#” and type your default directory inside the ”. (Make sure the directory is exist, or it may causes some troubles)
For example:

## The directory to use for notebooks and kernels.
c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = 'E:\Default Jupyter Dir\'

Solution #2
1. Find the Jupyter Notebook execute file.
2. Right click the file
3. Find “properties” tab and click it; this will lead you to the “Jupyter Notebook Properties”
4. Check the pop-up window, and you should see “Start in” property.
5. Change the directory to your default directory, e.g., ‘E:\Default Jupyter Dir\’
Solution #3

This solution is based on Anaconda, since Jupyter Notebook load the profile from Anaconda.

You may see the following information from properties window if you had gone through Solution #2.

"Target: D:\Anaconda3\python.exe d:\Anaconda3\ d:\Anaconda3 "d:/Anaconda3/python.exe" "d:/Anaconda3/Scripts/" %USERPROFILE%"

1. Goto the Anaconda installed location.
2. Find the ‘etc’ directory in Anaconda.
3. Open file ‘jupyter_notebook_config.json’
4. Add your default directory to the ‘notebook_dir’.

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