Centos7 installation interface without interface

Centos7 unbounded installation interface
Centos7 unbounded below installation interface

1 install a graphical interface. Boot root login
2. Install X (X Window System) as follows:
Yum groupinstall “X Window System”
3. Then install the GNOME Desktop command as follows
Yum groupinstall “GNOME Desktop”
the software group is bigger, the installation process is slower, also can appear the words complete after the installation is complete.
4. After the installation is complete, enter startx to enter the graphical interface

1.Ctrl+ Alt + F2 toggle to command line mode
2. Enter the following command to view the current boot mode
Systemctl get-default
graphical. Target represents the graphical interface to boot
Multi-User. target means to start the DOS interface at boot time
3. Enter the following commands to set up the startup graphical interface
Systemctl set – the default graphical. Target
in the same way if you want to start the DOS boot interface should enter the following command
Systemctl set-default multi-user. Target
DOS interface with graphical toggle shortcut
aphics to DOS: Ctrl+ Alt + F2
DOS to graphics: type startx
Switch to the DOS interface by typing init 3 on the command
Type init 5 to switch to the graphical interface

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