ABAQUS FLEXlm error: – 15, 10. System error: 10061 “Winsock: problem solving of connection reused”

After reinstalling the system, the computer reinstalled ABAQUS6.10. As a result, this error occurred when verifying license status:

FLEXlm Error: -15, 10. System Error: 10061″WinSock: Connection union union

In addition, the server could not stop and the license file could not be reloaded, so I started all kinds of tutorials. Later, I could not help but shut down the LMGRd. exe in the process, and then re-start the server and Reload license.
In addition, using the deadline is 2017.11.11 abaqus6.10 cracked versions, if prompt license has passed life can refer to this thread https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5377311340, which directly use the high version of the license registration dat file.

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