write error in swap file problem solving

An error

write error in swap file
write error in swap file

The solution

This error is simply an alert, not the cause of the problem, and is usually due to the current open file in the block, disk space used up

Log in using the sappers and find that a test cloud host cannot log in, use the administrator rights to enter the cloud server at the accessed end to see if it is caused by problems in the configuration of TCP_wrapper, open the file and find a write error in swap file, and the rules in the configuration file are correct. Next, I look at the disk space and see that the disk space is full and there is no public key account pushed by JumpServer under home.
Reason: The cloud host disk space is small, the tester did not clean the log in time, resulting in disk full

< 1> View disk

< 2> Clean disk space

< 3> Jumpserver re-pushes the account and public key for this asset

It’s too watery… But there’s really nothing to say.

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