What can I learn from Kenshi

A two-person production team spent 12 years developing a hardcore game for a sandbox. The gameplay is still so much fun.
What are the implications?
Kenshi can be approximated as a combination of Riding and Chopping, the SIMS, Radiation, and The Gods: Original Sin. But I can say that there is no game like Kenshi on the market, because it is so unique.
So is there a lesson to be learned from making similar, relevant games?
What the hell is playfulness?
Open world
There is no complete goal, depending on the type, can be a lone Wolf, can be anyone you want to be. There are only hints for basic operations. The only way to upgrade skills and acquire powerful equipment is through community communication.
Open world, loaded NPCS, terrain, environment, objects, materials Settings, distance and range limits, does not mean that the entire game is directly loaded in memory, the current computer configuration is not supported for the time being.

NPC interaction
Not every NPC can interact and talk, guard, special dialogue to find fault with the NPC, robber, shop owner.
Role to develop
Almost every character can improve their abilities through training. Different RACES have different Settings, different experience for different skills, and different calculation values for different skills.
Characteristics of weapons
One-handed weapon, low damage, high speed
Long handled weapons. Indoor use is punishable
Giant weapon, high attack, can be broken armor, the level of the character’s skill requirements

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