VTK basic learning

1, vtkPolyDataMapper: : SetInputConnection () : VTK visual line of the input data interface, the corresponding output data visualization pipeline interface for GetOutPort (); Versions prior to VTK5.0 use setInput () and getOutput () as input and output interfaces. However, after the 7.1 version, it seems that this is not possible. There is no SetInput for the Mapper directly.

2. VTKMarchingCubes requires the input to be VTKImageData. If the input is VTKPolyData, the program will report an error

3, the use of VTKContourFilter can achieve contour extraction.
4. Sometimes it is necessary to judge the coordinates of the intersection of a straight line and a specific object, which can be achieved with the help of VTKModifiedBSPTree. See Resources for details
5, the measurement of the curve, can be approximate to the length of the broken line measurement; You can also use spline curve fitting and then calculate the length of the spline curve.
According to the description in reference [1], a polyline is composed of many straight line segments, and the length of a polyline can be obtained by adding up the length of each segment.

6. Summary of VTK 3D reconstruction

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