Txt import MySQL: error 1062 (23000): duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘primary’

Existing problems:
When importing TXT file into Mysql database, ERROR 1062(23000) always appears: Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ ERROR, but TXT file does not have a data with ID (PRIMARY key) of 0.

Reason for error:
This is still not clear, because I have no record of ID=0, so I don’t know why the duplicate ID is 0. At first, I thought it was the data encoding that caused the data chaos, but later I found that even the same encoding could not solve the problem.

Setting the primary key (ID) to AI (Auto Incremental) is sufficient. Setup has been completed and import has been successful

I thought that if I set the primary key to AI, the primary key column would be 1, 2, 3… , because the primary key in TXT file is discontinuous, but I found that this understanding is wrong, after insertion, the primary key still maintains its discontinuity.

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