Duplicate entry ‘787192513’ for key ‘primary’

When the primary key is imported, a large number of errors will be reported.


INSERT INTO `FNDCN_ MNG ` values (787390578, 1, ‘Yang Ming’, 95585, ‘2015-06-08′,’prospectus’, 80100, null, ‘1’, null, ‘3’, 2015-06-29 ‘, null,’ 1 ‘,’yang Ming, master of Central University of Finance and economics, 14 years of banking and fund experience. He worked as a credit officer, trader and risk manager in Bank of Shanghai. In October 2004, he joined Huaan Fund Management Co., Ltd. as a researcher of research and development department. Since June 2013, he has been the fund manager of Huaan strategic preferred equity fund. He has been the senior director of investment research since June 2014. ‘, ‘2015-11-09 12:33:58’, ‘2016-01-06 21:34:41’, ‘2015-12-31 12:14:18’, ‘JY’, ‘488969752640’, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL)

Error occured at:2016-02-16 15:23:41

Line no.:220

Error Code: 1062 – Duplicate entry ‘95585-80100-2015-06-29 00:00:00-1–1’ for key ‘IDX_ FNDCN_ MNG’

Solution 1:

Set the primary key to grow automatically. You can manually set the related table ID to self growing in the database.

As shown in the figure:


Continue to import normal.

Solution 2:

Problem Description: if the SQL is imported separately, the following error will be reported:

1 queries executed, 0 success, 1 errors, 0 warnings

Query: insert into ` fndcn_ MNG ` values (787192513, 1, ‘Dingjin’, 150150, ‘2015-12-28’, ‘prospectus’, 80100, null,’ 1 ‘, null,’ 3 ‘, 20

Error code: 1062

Duplicate entry ‘787192513’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

After checking, the primary key generation strategy is: @ generatedvalue (strategy)= GenerationType.IDENTITY )No problem.

Delete the table with import error;

Create a new table to import data;

My problem is in the database: in the database, the primary key is not set to grow automatically. Set the primary key of the existing table to grow automatically. The SQL statement is as follows:

alter table course change course_ id   course_ id   int(10)   not null   auto_ increment ; 

Then use SQL script to import the required data, which can also easily locate errors.


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