Three methods of how to remove the flashback of running result box in VS

First of all, we will often encounter the situation of running the results after coding in VS, and then suddenly flashing back, which is very bad, high for half a day, nothing to see. And I don’t know how to solve it.
Now, here are three ways to do it:
The first two, you probably know.
1 & gt; That’s when return 0; I’m going to do a getchar (); Getchar is waiting for input, so it effectively stops the result screen running;
2 & gt; Similar to the first method, in return 0; Pause a system(“pause”); The statement;
3 & gt; This is a little bit trickier. So first let’s go over how to create a C file. This is a simple one, but it will be used in this method: Go to New – Project – Win32 Console Empty Project – Type File Name – View – Solution Explorer – Source Files – Type Name, C. And when we get there, we’re done. Solution in the solution explorer, right-click the solution explorer, select properties – configuration properties – linker – system – a SUBSYSTEM, the SUBSYSTEM to CONSOLE (\ SUBSYSTEM: the CONSOLE), with respect to ok, this does not need to input, the SUBSYSTEM click on the right side of the blank area, there will be a drop-down options, then click “ok” to continue to write files, continues to run, you will find that yi, amazing.
The advantage of the third method is that it is more cross-platform. If your computer has this problem and someone else doesn’t, it will inevitably run wrong. But the disadvantage of this is that every time you write a file you have to change it.
I hope I can help you.

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