Template Render Error Solution (Hexo blog theme, GIT upload)

Error information

INFO  Start processing
FATAL Something's wrong. Maybe you can find the solution here: http://hexo.io/do                                                                                                                                                                                               cs/troubleshooting.html
Template render error: (unknown path) [Line 310, Column 115]
  expected variable end

According to the prompt, you can enter the reference website


The source of the questions provided in the website is
1. The topic configuration file 2 config.yml There is a problem in ;, most likely because the configuration file is not separated by spaces.
First, go to the topic directory and open config.yml files…. My topic is yilia


Then, is there any of the following

  All articles:/archives
  Home: /
  All articles: /archives

Correct format: The configuration item is followed by the parameter with a space

2. My problem is in the second item, that is, there are some characters that can’t be used in the articles I wrote, which leads to errors in the conversion of. MD format articles

..\source\_posts articles in the folds

Solution: carefully check .. \ source\_ Are there "{}" and other symbols in the posts directory, or are the codes not put into the code box

.The md file format is markdown, and you can use three stops to indicate the code box
```Write the code in the middle``

The convenient way is that the full text is annotated with pause sign, so there is no need to check

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