SUSE mount NFS prompt mount.nfs no such device

    suse11_ sp4_ Tips for mounting NFS_ mount. nfs:No_ such__ device_, How to cooperate with NFS kernel module
    try to load NFSD and test to see if it is normal:
    ?Modprobe NFSD
    If an error is reported when executing the command
    2. Check the log file, Check the memory
    see the following error from the log:
    Mar 30 10:56:17 idc-miyun5 modprobe: fat: error inserting NFS (/ lib/modules/3.0.101-63-default/kernel/FS/NFS/NFS. KO): cannot allocate memory
    have the following call trace prompt:
    Mar 30 13:30:34 idc-miyun5 kernel: [30647348.889920] modprobe: page allocation failure: order:4 , mode:0xd0
    Try the following operation:
    to minimize the cache occupation, you can drop the cache manually_ caches:
    #echo 3 >/proc/sys/vm/drop_ Caches
    manually clearing the cache will not affect the normal operation of the application, because the memory of drop cache is the data that the process has not used, and the data in use will not be dropped. However, if the file data in the previous cache needs to be read again later, it is recommended to execute it when the business is not busy current configuration vm.min_ free_ Kbytes = 1048576
    ?Note that Kbytes is used here

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