Mount error (112): host is down

centos7 minial system when sharing directory with a storage device, use mount-t cifs-o username=”***”,password=”***” \\ \ storage device IP \\ directory name \\ directory name, system error mount error(112): Host is down, after performing yum install cifs-utils and smb-related dependencies, mount -t cifs-o vers=1.0,username=”***”,password=”***” \\ \ storage device IP \ directory name \\ directory name, load successfully, this situation mainly involves two problems:
1, cifs and SMB. SMB (Server Message Block) is also known as CIFS(Common Internet File System), an application layer network transport protocol (developed by Microsoft and Intel in 1987). The main function of SMB is to enable machines on the network to share computer files, printers, serial ports, communications and other resources. It also provides certified interprocess communication skills. It is mainly used on Windows machines. CIFS is a protocol developed by Microsoft based on SMB and extended to the Internet. It has nothing to do with the specific OS; CIFS is available after Samba is installed on Unix. It enables a program to access files on a remote Internet computer and request the services of that computer. CIFS USES client/server mode. The client requests the server application on the remote server to serve it. The server gets the request and returns the response.
CIFS is a public or open version of the SMB protocol and is used by Microsoft. The SMB protocol is now a LAN protocol for accessing and printing server files. Like the SMB protocol, CIFS runs at a high level, rather than at the bottom, as TCP/IP does. CIFS can be seen as an implementation of application protocols such as file transfer protocol and hypertext transfer Protocol. Ii. The first packet sent by cifs protocol contains version information. Mount vfstype
mount vfstype
DOS fat16 file system: msdos
Windows 9x fat32 file system: vfat
Windows NT NTFS
mount Windows file network sharing: SMBFS
UNIX(LINUX) file network sharing: NFS

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