SSM project interceptor infinite loop error [How to Solve]


In the SSM project, the implementation of non login interception has been endless loop and does not jump to the page


Page not intercepted is not configured in the configuration file, resulting in an infinite loop

<!-- Configure interceptors -->
            <! -- Intercept all pages under the directory -->
            <mvc:mapping path="/**"/>
            <! -- mvc:exclude-mapping is another kind of interception that allows you to unintercept a page in your later tests, so that you don't have to use it in the
                LoginInterceptor's preHandler method inside to get the unintercepted request uri address (preferred)-->
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/login.html" />
            <bean class="org.westos.interceptor.LoginInterceptor"></bean>

Because a page may consist of multiple pages and JS, it must be intercepted correctly

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