[Solved] Azkaban Error: Missing required property ‘azkaban.native.lib’

Missing required property ‘azkaban.native.lib’

When Azkaban is used to submit a workflow, an error is reported: missing required property ‘Azkaban. Native. Lib’


The reason for this is that I didn’t switch to the exec directory or web server directory of Azkaban first, and directly use commands like “/ opt/module/Azkaban/azkaban-exec-server-3.84.4/bin/start-exec.sh” to start Azkaban. As a result, some Azkaban libraries cannot be found because of the path, and various problems due to insufficient packages will occur.


First stop Azkaban, use the CD command to switch to the parent directory of the bin directory, and then use a command similar to “bin/start-exec.Sh” to start Azkaban’s executor and web service.

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