[Solved] Wechat IOS signature error config:fail

When sharing on wechat H5, I found that Android was ok, and IOS kept reporting config:fail

Later, it was found that noncestr and timestamp must not be int values. If the int returned in the background needs to be converted into a string

        debug: false, // Enable debug mode, the return value of all api calls will be alerted out in the client side, if you want to see the incoming parameters, you can open it in the pc side, the parameter information will be typed out by log, only when the pc side will be printed.
        appId: '*******', // required, the unique identifier of the public number
        timestamp: res.timestamp + '', // required, the timestamp of the signature generation
        nonceStr: res.nonceStr + '', // required, the random string to generate the signature
        signature: res.signature, // mandatory, signature
        jsApiList: ['updateAppMessageShareData', 'hideMenuItems'] // required, the list of JS interfaces to be used

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