[Solved] URIError: Failed to decode param ‘/%3C%=%20BASE_URL%20%3Estatic/index.%3C%=%20VUE_APP_INDEX_CSS_HASH%20%3E.css’

Preface: When I run the vue+uniapp project to the browser, it throws the above error

The error is reported as follows

URIError: Failed to decode param '/%3C%=%20BASE_URL%20%3Estatic/index.%3C%=%20VUE_APP_INDEX_CSS_HASH%20%3E.css'


Reason: The project run path cannot be recognized by uniapp, specifically it should be a path setting problem, my problem here is that the [base path to run] in the web configuration options field in the manifest.json file configuration is written wrong.

Solution: Modify the path to the correct one and run it again.

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