[Solved] Redis Error: Unexpected exception while processing command

1. Background

Redis has been running for a long time, and an error is reported one day as follows:

2. Phenomenon

org.redisson.client.RedisException: Unexpected exception while processing command
at org.redisson.command.CommandAsyncService.convertException(CommandAsyncService.java:338)
at org.redisson.command.CommandAsyncService.get(CommandAsyncService.java:140)
at org.redisson.RedissonObject.get(RedissonObject.java:90)
at org.redisson.RedissonBucket.set(RedissonBucket.java:131)

3. Solution

Restart the Java application!

What exactly caused it,

You can only guess the link pool of the redis client. Due to network and other reasons, the redis client has not responded for a long time and collapsed!


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