[Solved] MinIO Start Error: “WARNING: Console endpoint is listening on a dynamic port…”

Error overview:

WARNING: Console endpoint is listening on a dynamic port (35734), please use --console-address ":PORT" to choose a static port.

The error message is obvious. You need to choose a static port .

I wrote a shell myself to start Minio, and used -- console address' to deploy the Minio IP in the shell: what port do I want to open the Minio console page '

The specific shell is as follows:

nohup ./minio server --address '' --console-address '' /home/minio/data &

Note: -- Address' ' is used to specify the Minio interface.

Make complaints about it.

The -- Address , -- console address parameters cannot be seen using mini - H

[[email protected] local]# ./minio -h
 minio - High Performance Object Storage

 Build high performance data infrastructure for machine learning, analytics and application data workloads with MinIO

 minio [FLAGS] COMMAND [ARGS...]

 server   start object storage server
 gateway  start object storage gateway

 --certs-dir value, -S value  path to certs directory (default: "/root/.minio/certs")
 --quiet                      disable startup information
 --anonymous                  hide sensitive information from logging
 --json                       output server logs and startup information in json format
 --help, -h                   show help
 --version, -v                print the version


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