[Solved] jedis Error: Could not get a resource from the pool

The local Java program operates the redis service in the virtual machine and reports an error.

1. check whether Linux in the local and VMware virtual machines can ping each otherwhen the Ping fails, it is usually the problem of setting the network adapter of the virtual machine. Refer to the correct configuration: 1) right click virtual machine -> Settings -> network adapter -> bridge mode. 2) Set IP4 in VMnet1 in the local network connection to automatic acquisition. 3) Set the network card of the virtual machine to get automatically. 4) Turn off the firewall of the local and virtual machines,

2. check whether redis can start normally, if it does not start normally, check the cause of the error through the log,

3. check whether the Java program reads the redis related configuration correctly, when reading the configuration, the field spelling error may cause the connection to redis to fail.

For example, @Value ("${spring.redis.host}")
host is written as port

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