wind System Black Windows Start hadoop Error [How to Solve]

wind system black window start hadoop error solution (continuously updated)
cmd command start process error cmd start prompt io error

cmd command start process error

Failed to setup local dir /tmp/hadoop-GK/nm-local-dir, which was marked as good. org.apache.hadoop.yarn.exceptions.YarnRuntimeException: Permissions incorrectly set for dir /tmp/hadoop-GK/nm-local-dir/nmPrivate, should be rwx------, actual value = rwxrwx-

Solution: Run cmd as administrator

cmd startup prompt io error

IOException: Incompatible clusterIDs in D:\hadoop\3.0.3\data\dfs\datanode: namenode clusterID = CID-45d4d17f-96fd-4644-b0ee- 7835ef5bc790; datanode clusterID = CID-01f27c2a-6229-4a10-b098-89e89d4c62e4

Solution: Delete the data directory in hadoop and restart

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