[Solved] Grafana Error: Panel plugin not found grafana-piechart-panel

1. When using grafana, the error panel plugin not found grafana pie chart panel is encountered. The grafana pie chart panel is not installed. It can be displayed normally after installation

2. Install the plug-in, download and install it, put it in the plug-in directory/var/lib/grafana/plugins, and restart grafana.

wget  https://grafana.com/api/plugins/grafana-piechart-panel/versions/latest/download -O grafana-piechart-panel.zip
 unzip grafana-piechart-panel.zip 
 mv grafana-piechart-panel grafana_data/plugins/
 chown -R 472:472 *
 docker restart grafana

3. Check whether it is normal after restart

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