[Solved] Github Push Codes Error: “error:RPC failed;curl 56 OpenSSL SSL_read:SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL,errno 10054”

Error description

At the weekend, I did something with my computer, installed GitHub again, and reported an error “error: RPC failed” when I made some changes to the cloning project and prepared to push it; curl 56 OpenSSL SSL_ read: SSL_ ERROR_ Syscall, errno 10054 “, searched various solutions on the Internet. It is found that the GIT upload file has a limited file size. Just set the cache size.


Use Git   Bash enter the code under the current project:

git config --global http.postBuffer 1048576000

Globally set the cache size to 1g, and the problem is solved. I guess this may be because I use HTTPS. I don’t encounter this problem with SSH transmission and pull code in my office.

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