[Solved] Gerrit Error: Permission denied publickey

Gerrit reports an error: permission denied solution

Foreword solution


When using the Gerrit clone code, you will find an error. The error message is probably: permission denied (publickey)

openssh has abandoned RSA encryption keys since version 8.8 for security reasons
openssh thinks that RSA cracking costs too little, so it is disabled if there is a risk
you can use the command:
ssh -v [git server]

Check the openssh version number of the Gerrit server.
if it is ≥ 8.8, you can use this method.


Enter the machine SSH directory,
create a new config file without suffix:

The content is:

Host gerrit's IP or domain name
HostName gerrit's IP or domain name
User Gerrit's user name (e.g. zhangsan)
PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes +ssh-rsa
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
Port 29418 (Gerrit port)

Once configured, the clone is OK. Generally, there is no problem.

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