[Solved] Frida-server Startup Error: syntax error: unexpected‘(‘

Problem description:

An error will be reported after frida-server-15.2.android-arm64.xz is installed, as follows:

�5�5�5�5�: inaccessible or not found
./fs152201[2]: �: inaccessible or not found
./fs152201[80]: syntax error: unexpected '('


The correct way is to switch to root privileges first. Then use the following command . /filename. To summarize, there is a problem with the boot method. The correct one is: . /filename

For example.

redfin:/data/local/tmp # . /fs152201


1: Premise:

1.1: Install the corresponding version of frida on the PC side

pip  install frida
pip install frida-tools

1.2: Check the version of frida. The server should be installed to the matching version

frida –version

2: Start to verify whether the frida-server installation is successful or not. Execute the following commands in the cmd window. If a list appears, it indicates success.

 frida-ps -U

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