[Solved] Eureka related services Start Error: cannot execute request on any known server

Error reporting prompt

DiscoveryClient_SYSTEM-SERVER/localhost:system-server:8851 - was unable to send heartbeat!
com.netflix.discovery.shared.transport.TransportException: Cannot execute request on any 
known server

Error reporting reason

This is the server configuration

My client configuration is like this



Replace my client address with localhost address and it will run successfully

Here are some methods on the network
first, change the configuration of the. YML file or. Properties file:

#The lowercase letters after underline + underline are equivalent to the letters after uppercase underline without underline (hump principle)

eureka.client.registerWithEureka=false   #whether to register itself to Eureka-Server, default true registerWithEureka is equivalent to register_with_eureka
eureka.client.fetchRegistry=false #whether to pull service information, default is not true fetchRegistry is equivalent to fetch-registry

2、 Unregister dependencies and empty downloaded Eureka dependency packages:


三. Refresh the botton: report all maven projects

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