[Solved] Error getting ssh command ‘exit 0‘ : ssh command error:

docker-machine Create Certificate Stuck
docker-machine –debug create -d hyperv –hyperv-virtual-switch “Default Switch” docker-machine

the only way for me to get around this was to disable the Windows 10
built-in OpenSSH Client, via Windows Features.
After that minishift used its internal ssh client and proceeded.
Unfortunately i am running into another issue after that, where the
control-plane pods are not starting and the minishift deployment fails,
since the API access times out.
Would be inteeresting to see if you get the same once you deal with the SSH
Am Fr., 30. Nov. 2018 um 12:15 Uhr schrieb denisjc7 <
[email protected]>:
@LW81 https://github.com/LW81 I am experiencing the same issue on
basically the same configurations as yours. Did you find a solution?Thank
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Through [Settings] => [Applications] => [Optional Applications
Uninstall Windows 10 built-in OpenSSH Client
After using the built-in ssh, it runs successfully

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