[Solved] Doris Error: too many filtered rows

1. Error reporting scenario

Load data

[[email protected] FLink-test-LT]$ curl --location-trusted -u root:aba -T 'data_2022-04-11.csv' -H "label:testdoris201" -H "column_separator:," -XPUT

2. Error reporting content

    "TxnId": 831311,
    "Label": "testdoris201",
    "Status": "Fail",
    "Message": "too many filtered rows",
    "NumberTotalRows": 1,
    "NumberLoadedRows": 0,
    "NumberFilteredRows": 1,
    "NumberUnselectedRows": 0,
    "LoadBytes": 1050,
    "LoadTimeMs": 85,
    "BeginTxnTimeMs": 0,
    "StreamLoadPutTimeMs": 1,
    "ReadDataTimeMs": 0,
    "WriteDataTimeMs": 57,
    "CommitAndPublishTimeMs": 0,
    "ErrorURL": ""

3. Solutions

1. If the loaded data is inconsistent with the corresponding Doris table fields, adjust them to be consistent
2 The corresponding Doris table has no corresponding data partition. You can adjust the data or partition

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