Solution to latex “too many unprocessed floats” error

This error occurred because more than 18 graphs and tables were placed in a row without any text in between.These solutions are available online:
1. Using macro package \usepackage[section]{placeins}
2. Start using \ ClearPage on each pageBut after the author used the above method, although the error is not reported, but the layout of the picture is still a bit messy.

In fact, this error is caused by the continuous placement of too many floating graphics.

The author to check the LaTex books (, 20 according to the book. Do not float the figure, remove the figure environment (that is, add pictures as non-floating graphics), the problem is solved.

Code used by the author:


where vspace{5mm} can be adjusted for image spacing.
Update: If you must use the Figure environment, you can combine \ ClearPage with! H parameters are used together, such as:

\caption{Experimental results of the 17th image frame}\label{fig17}


\caption{Experimental results of the 18th image frame}\label{fig18}

\ ClearPage where it was at the end of the previous page.

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