Resourcemanger reported an error: the port is unavailable

standby   The resourcemanger machine reports that the port is unavailable, port 8088 is normal, the process is running, and the log is normal

Solution ideas

1. Log in to the two resourcemanger machines and check whether the/var/log/Hadoop yarn/Hadoop Hadoop resourcemanager-emr-header-1.cluster *. Log logs contain error messages

2. Check whether there is an automatically pulled log: startup_ MSG: starting ResourceManager to judge whether active standby switching has occurred

2021-08-10 17:58:01,750 INFO org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.ResourceManager: Already in standby state

3. Check the standby log and find the problem: I can’t connect ZK and keep trying to reconnect. ZK connection exception lasts for a long time. It may not be reconnected due to timeout, and it may enter the terminated state.

This is because there is a problem with the ResourceManager state of header-1. The state of HA and the state of hazookeeperconnectionstate are terminated.

4. Status can be by running on header-1, curl http://localhost:8088/ws/v1/cluster/info

Normal active connection, (active RM) is OK, and yarn service is OK:

5. Solution: ARN active RM can provide normal services. The standby RM is in a wrong state. When restarting active ha later, it may not be switched in time. Restart standby RM to solve the problem.


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