Pychar runtime error r6034 solution

After Updating PyCharm, open a program, set the Project Interpreter and the software starts Updating Python Interpreter. It had run smoothly before, but this time it got stuck:

Simultaneously report an error:

Found a solution to this problem on Stack Overflow, so share it here. Click here for the original.
Step1: download Process Explorer and open procexp.exe inside.
Step2: select view-& gt from the menu of software interface; lower pane view -> Then find the Python. exe under the Pycharm directory and click, and the bottom pane should display a list of DLLs loaded for the application.

Step3: find “MSVCR??” in the DLL list. .DLL “, pay attention to the following path, as long as it is not under the path of “C:\Windows\WinSxS”, it should be deleted or renamed the suffix. For example, in the figure above, there is a MSvCR90. DLL under D:\Anaconda3\envs\ Python27 \msvcr90. DLL. Find it and rename it “MSvCR90. DLL -bak”.
Step4: restart pycharm and it will be ok.

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