Runtime error r6016 problem

The introduction
Life is like a play, every day in the mistakes, but I have been too deep into the play, all the mistakes will be solved.
The problem

I didn’t know what I ordered today, and then the computer reported a mistake, as shown in the picture below:

Originally thought to ignore it, hurriedly do other things, then think a problem can not compromise ah, if not immediately solved, may cause a bigger problem. So, let’s see how I solved it!
To solve
1. Open control panel

2. Programs — Enable or disable Windows functions

3. Remove the check mark in front of WindowsMedia Player.


We are not afraid of small problems, but we are afraid of dragging. No matter how small the problem is, we can’t put up with it. Just like the human body, we don’t care about small problems. Therefore, the teacher teaches us will not be the source power of discovery!!

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