[pl.LightningModule] spaCy & pytorch-lightning Error

In pl.lightningmodule, Spacy cannot be used for word segmentation, or an error will be reported

1. Use in the forward process

File "spacy/pipeline/trainable_pipe.pyx", line 75, in spacy.pipeline.trainable_pipe.TrainablePipe.pipe

It is possible that all objects in the model are automatically transformed into trainable objects within the PL framework. Similarly, if the original pipe is also transformed into trainablepipe, an error will be reported, including an error as shown above

2. Avoid problem 1 and use nlp.pipe

Similarly, the same problem as in forward will be converted to a trainable pipe

3. To avoid problem 1, write Spacy processing outside the model as a function call

The same error will be reported. The error is different from the above. It is a very inexplicable error


I didn’t find a good solution, so I had to rewrite the required functions manually, such as stopping words

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