Pit encountered by entity class data type BigDecimal

The price data type in the database is Decimal, and the price data type in entity class A is BigDecimal. When it is necessary to use equals method to compare the A1 object passed from the front end with the A2 object quashed from the database, the result is false even if the object attributes are the same.
Debug found that the price value of the object A1 passed from the front end was 0.1 after JSON transformation, while the price value of the a2 object query from the database was 0.1000. Alt + INSERT equals method was used to call the EQUALS method of BigDecimal.

        BigDecimal a = new BigDecimal("1.0");
        BigDecimal b = new BigDecimal("1.00");
        System.out.println(a.compareTo(b) == 0 );  // true
        System.out.println(a.equals(b));  // false

The equals method of BigDecimal compares precision and values, while the compareTo method only compares values.
The solution

    public boolean equals(Object o) {
        if (this == o) return true;
        if (o == null || getClass() != o.getClass()) return false;
        ProProductSkuEntity that = (ProProductSkuEntity) o;
        return Objects.equals(id, that.id) &&
                Objects.equals(productId, that.productId) &&
                compareBigDecimal(price, that.price);

    public boolean compareBigDecimal(BigDecimal a, BigDecimal b) {
        return (a == b) || (a != null && a.compareTo(b) == 0);

Modify the equals method overwritten in the entity class, customize the compareBigDecimal method, use compareTo to compare values of the BigDecimal type, and you can also put this method in the utility class.

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