Pandas memory error

Problem description
I will use pandas to process data, which is known to all children’s shoes related to data processing. Read in from CSV file with a pd.read_csv, and then play as you like. Recently, when I was doing data preprocessing, I encountered a headache. Every time the program was executed to pd. Read_csv is always reported to memory error. Finally all kinds of search stackoverflow, finally find the crux:
Replace Python with X64
Yes, it’s as simple as that!
Attached to the
As anyone who has ever used Pandas knows, it is impossible to install Pandas in WIN without any trouble. With all kinds of dependence and the disgusting network in China, it may not be so easy to change Python into X64. Please don’t be impatient, and here comes the magic device:
Please use Anaconda, select an X64, download and install it directly, graphically, install the python X64 version with a full set of data analysis package, of course, there is a Python X64 version with ipython and other tools, not malicious, and even strongly recommend the first time you install Python directly to use this.
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