HTTP error 405.0 – method not allowed solution for put and delete operations of rest Service on iis7.5

The Put and Delete operation of REST service on IIS7.5 occurs HTTP Error 405.0-method Not Allowed

WebDAV is a set of extensions to the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) that provide standards for editing and file management between computers on the Internet. Using this protocol, users can perform remote basic file operations, such as copying, moving, deleting, etc., over the Web. In IIS 7.0, WebDAV is a stand-alone extension module that needs to be downloaded separately. In IIS 7.5, WebDAV will integrate WebDAV, but WebDAV puts and Deletes. So the RESTful Service deployed on IIS 7.5 (WCF Data Service, WCF Rest Service,ASP.NET Web API,ASP.NET MVC) is a tragedy. HTTP Error 405.0 — Method Not Allowed occurs when a Put request is sent.

< system.webServer>  

& lt; modules>  

& lt; remove name=”WebDAVModule” />  

& lt; /modules>  

& lt; handlers>  

& lt; remove name=”WebDAV” />  

& lt; /handlers>  

< /system.webServer>

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