Maven Compilation error jdwp on getting class status, jvmtierror = JVMTI_ERROR_WRONG_PHASE(112)

Today, running the maven compiled project gave errors
JDWP exit error JVMTI_ERROR_WRONG_PHASE(112): on getting class status [../../../src/share/back/util. c:1265]
JDWP exit error JVMTI_ERROR_INVALID_ENVIRONMENT(116): Can’t allocate jvmti memory [../../../src/share/back/util. c:1779]
FATAL ERROR in native method: JDWP on getting class status, jvmtiError=JVMTI_ERROR_WRONG_PHASE(112)
FATAL ERROR in native method: JDWP Can’t allocate jvmti memory, jvmtiError=JVMTI_ERROR_INVALID_ENVIRONMENT(116)

The Internet says to set up maven to use local jdk, specifically open settings.xml and add jdk under the tag.


But it’s strange that I didn’t change the configuration of the project, but I reported this mistake today. It’s amazing.

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