JIRA startup failed, JIRA has been locked.

1. Failure phenomenon

JIRA Startup Failed
You cannot access JIRA at present. Look at the table below to identify the reasons

The jira. Home directory ‘/data/ WWW /jira_home/jiradata’ is already locked. Please see The jira documentation for more information on locked jira.home directories.
[oracle@bogon bin]$ ./startup.sh
Detecting JVM PermGen support…
PermGen switch is supported. Setting to 256m
If you encounter issues starting up JIRA Standalone Edition, Both please see the Troubleshooting guide at http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Installation+Troubleshooting+Guide
Using CATALINA_BASE:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone
Using the CATALINA_HOME:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone/temp
Using JRE_HOME:/usr/Java/jdk1.6.0 _25
Using the CLASSPATH:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone/bin/bootstrap jar
touch: always touch a `/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone/logs/catalina out ‘: Permission denied

‘/data/ WWW /jira_home’ has a.jira-home.lock file, delete and restart it. The
. Jira-home. lock file is designed to prevent multiple jira sites from running on one machine and having the same jira.home set up.

[root@bogon ~]# find/-name ‘. Jira-home.lock ‘
/data/ WWW /jira_home/ jira.lock

2, close the jira command
/data/WWW/jira/bin/shutdown. Sh

[note] /data/ WWW is my installation path, modified to my installation directory

3, start the jira command
/data/WWW/jira/bin/startup. Sh

fault resolution.

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