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[Solved] JIRA startup error: JIRA startup failed, JIRA has been locked.

As the machine moved, IP was replaced. When you encounter some problems during restarting JIRA, record the key points and solutions.

Key points:
check the database configuration
/var/atlas/application data/JIRA/dbconfig. XML
since LDAP authentication is used, you also need to check the user group authentication configuration
find CWD in the database_ directory_ Attribute table, check the configuration with the attribute name ldap.url
Problems and solutions:
JIRA startup failed, JIRA has been locked.

JIRA startup failed
unable to create and acquire lock file for jira.home directory ‘/ var/atlas/application data/JIRA… I don’t remember later
solution: delete the. Jira-home.lock (hidden file) under the corresponding directory prompted, enter the bin directory and restart the JIRA service

then an error is reported:
JIRA startup failed
unable to clean the cache directory:/var/atlas/application data/JIRA/plugins /. OSGi plugins/Felix

Check the startup log:
caused by: java.io.ioexception: unable to delete file:/var/atlas/application data/JIRA/plugins /. OSGi plugins/Felix/Felix cache/bundle163/bundle. State
solution: delete the. OSGi plugins folder (hidden folder) in the prompt directory and restart JIRA service

At this time, the original error page will become startup seccused and can be used normally

./startup.sh and./shutdown.sh are recommended for restarting the JIRA service

Introduction to JIRA introduction to HP ALM

Our company’s projects currently use Jira and ALM

Introduction to Jira use INTRODUCTION to HP ALM use
1.2.1 Project Project and Issue Transaction 1.2.2 Field Field 1.2.3 Workflow 1.2.4 Screen View

The process of HP ALM2.1 ALM is divided into the following stages

A Jira
1.1 introduction of Jira
JIRA is a project and transaction tracking tool produced by Atlassian, which is widely used in defect tracking, customer service, requirements gathering, process approval, task tracking, project tracking and agile management
1.2 Basic Concepts
1.2.1 Project Project and Issue affairs
The concept of a Project is very simple. It is a “Project”. Then the first Issue under the Project is Web-1 and the second Issue is Web-2
Issue is the core of the Jira core, which is divided into the following types:
Story Story Epic Epic Improvement New Feature Bug defect Task sub-task
1.2.2 Field Field
A Story will have attributes: name, detailed description, submitter, commit time, priority, status, and so on. These properties are Field fields
1.2.3 Workflow
Tasks can have different statuses: backlog, ongoing, completed
requirements can also have different statuses: just submitted, pending review, suspended, rejected, in development, completed
Workflow is used to define the status of Issue
1. Screen view
When we create an Issue, edit an Issue, or view an Issue detail, we do so by creating a new view, editing view, or Detail View
2.1 The PROCESS of ALM is divided into the following stages
1) Specify version
2) Specify requirements
3) Plan tests
4) Perform tests
5) Tracking defects

JIRA startup failed, JIRA has been locked.

1. Failure phenomenon

JIRA Startup Failed
You cannot access JIRA at present. Look at the table below to identify the reasons

The jira. Home directory ‘/data/ WWW /jira_home/jiradata’ is already locked. Please see The jira documentation for more information on locked jira.home directories.
[oracle@bogon bin]$ ./startup.sh
Detecting JVM PermGen support…
PermGen switch is supported. Setting to 256m
If you encounter issues starting up JIRA Standalone Edition, Both please see the Troubleshooting guide at http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Installation+Troubleshooting+Guide
Using CATALINA_BASE:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone
Using the CATALINA_HOME:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone/temp
Using JRE_HOME:/usr/Java/jdk1.6.0 _25
Using the CLASSPATH:/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone/bin/bootstrap jar
touch: always touch a `/home/atlassian jira – enterprise – 4.0.2 – standalone/logs/catalina out ‘: Permission denied

‘/data/ WWW /jira_home’ has a.jira-home.lock file, delete and restart it. The
. Jira-home. lock file is designed to prevent multiple jira sites from running on one machine and having the same jira.home set up.

[root@bogon ~]# find/-name ‘. Jira-home.lock ‘
/data/ WWW /jira_home/ jira.lock

2, close the jira command
/data/WWW/jira/bin/shutdown. Sh

[note] /data/ WWW is my installation path, modified to my installation directory

3, start the jira command
/data/WWW/jira/bin/startup. Sh

fault resolution.

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