@In slf4j log.info Compile error: cannot find symbol log

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Problem troubleshooting process solution

The problem
I’m using the IDEA integrated development environment, and up until now, log.info() was fine.
have a wonderful work of problems today, an error code compilation, unable to log identification symbols, as follows:

Cannot find symbol log

The screening process
I have installed Lombok’s plugin and it won’t work before.
see the notes on class is also introduced.
The solution
It is better to find that it is actually a check box in IDEA. I don’t know why it is not checked. I don’t remember to change it.
Is the IDEA – & gt; Preference – & gt; Build, Excecution, Deployment – & gt; The Compiler – & gt; There’s an Enable Annotation Processing option on Annocation Processors. Check that and everything will work fine.

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