IDEA pom.xml dependency version error [How to Solve]

Self problem solving record, tossed all morning and finally solved:

I tried other solutions first, but there was no response. You can still try:

1. Modify the Maven version number, download the old version again, configure the environment variables, and install cleanLastUpdated.bat small script to clear the package that has not been downloaded successfully/completely. It is useless

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Copy to Notepad and save the file as cleanLastUpdated.bat, select the file format as all file formats.

set REPOSITORY_PATH=Absolute path to your own local repository
rem is searching...
for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b /s "%REPOSITORY_PATH%\*lastUpdated*"') do (
    del /s /q %%i
rem search completed

2. Re-check other configurations in settings \ Maven and check these two again. It’s useless

3. Final solution

I went to the local warehouse and found that the jar package had been downloaded, but it was inconsistent with the version number that my pom.xml relied on, so the modification was over.

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