[How to Solve] Kernel died with exit code 1.

  When jupyter is installed on the vscode and a sentence of Python code is calculated randomly in the ipynb file, the error of kernel died with exit code 1, C:: (users, hpccp, appdata, roaming, python, python38, site packages, traitlets) appears. I’ve been looking for solutions on the Internet all the time. I’ve spent a lot of energy trying many solutions, but I can’t, Because the error of kernel died with exit code 1 may be caused by many different details, and the root cause of the error is different. Of course, other people’s solutions may not be applicable to themselves.

So I began to pay attention to the details of my error. I wonder if there is something wrong with this folder, because my vscode and juptyer plug-ins have just been re installed (I have repeatedly uninstalled and re installed several times, but the first two have not been completely uninstalled), C: The folder was created before. I deleted the folder and its contents. Then the problem was solved.

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