How to Solve

Exception information:

Caused by:java. io. InvalidClassException: com. eastcom xxx. xxxxxx. bean. AlarmReq; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialversionUID =8050743254081999660, local class seriaiversionuId = 6638111461888145730

Cause of exception:
when serializing objects, they will be stored in redis memory, and then through redistemplate getValueSerializer(). The deserialize () method deserializes the data to the bean object. If the current bean object changes, that is, if an attribute is added, the serialVersionUID will change.

Because the serialVersionUID of this class is generated by the JVM according to the class name and the hash value of its attributes during serialization. When the properties of the class change, the serialVersionUID will also change accordingly, resulting in an error when the serialVersionUID does not match when the old data in redis is deserialized.


I. Add code before the error reporting class property
private static final long serialVersionUID = 8050743254081999660L;
Here the UID corresponds to the above stream classdesc serialversionUID
ii.Clear the redis data linked by the current service.Clear the redis data linked by the current service.

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