How to increase the effect of onchange event after adding readonly attribute to input tag and display time of laydate plug-in

Trial and error: It is not possible to bind the onChange event to the input tag directly in HTML and JS.
Reason: ReadOnly is read-only, and onChange events respond to value changes. However, the actual onChange event is only valid for the interface input value. Modified values through DOM objects are invalid.
Use onblur instead. Onblur events are triggered when an object loses focus. The measured effect can occasionally start, occasionally fail.
Solution 2: Given that the input box renders the event with layDate, in the done function on layDate, assign the input box to the selected value that needs to be executed during the execution of the onChange event.
Solution # 2 Perfect the problem.
Note: When searching the web, be careful to combine your own scene. For example, the input box has been rendered with laydate, which is equivalent to an event. Therefore, we should consider whether we can achieve our requirements in this event.

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