Flash + Vue uses Axios to obtain server data, and reports error: “request aborted”

Today, I’m studying the flash + Vue tutorial https://testdriven.io/blog/developing-a-single-page-app-with-flask-and-vuejs/

Go to the back-end flash to create a new books array. When the front-end Vue obtains the data from the back-end through Axios, it always reports an error: “request aborted”

After looking at the developer tools, I didn’t have any other tips. I couldn’t figure it out.

        'title': 'On the Road',
        'author': 'Jack Kerouac',
        'read': True
        'title': 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher\'s Stone',
        'author': 'J. K. Rowling',
        'read': False
        'title': 'Green Eggs and Ham',
        'author': 'Dr. Seuss',
        'read': True

This is the back-end books array. It’s strange that after the “]” after the meeting, a “;” is added. It’s easy to use. I really don’t understand.

After the operation is successful, it’s good to remove the “;”.

Strange, encounter this situation of prawns welcome message exchange.

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