Find malloc_error_Root cause method of break error

malloc_error_break error:1、You’ll find out what the object is when you break in the debugger. Just look up the call stack and you will find where you free it. That will tell you which object it is.

The easiest way to set the breakpoint is to:

    1. Goto Run -> Show -> Breakpoints (Alt-Command-B)Scroll to the bottom of the list and add the symbol

malloc_error_break2、Open up the debugger console by pressing Cmd+Shift+R. There, type

break malloc_error_break

to set a breakpoint at the beginning of the malloc_error_break function.

If you want to find out what object is located at address 0x1068310, you can type the following into the debugger console:

print-object 0x1068310

Of course, you have to do this while the object is still alive — if the object has already been freed by the time you do this, then this will not work.

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