Finally solved the importError: DLLload failed: the specified module could not be found when import matplotlib.pyplot

After all the dependent libraries in Matplotlib (dependent library details: click the open link) were installed successfully, import matplotlib succeeded, but the following error occurred when importing matplotlib.pyplot as PLT:
ImportError: DLLload failed: the specified module
cannot be found
Then I found that the size of matplotlib I installed was 8128 KB, and the same version of Matplotlib I found from another address was 8503 KB. Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled matplotlib of 8503KB and introduced Matplotlib. pyplot successfully.
J presented here introduced successful version of the download address:
Use administrator privileges to perform the following uninstall:
pip uninstall matplotlib
Reinstall after uninstalling:
pip install matplotlib
Close test effectively
Dependency library installation example:

Matplotlib was installed successfully:

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