Failed to establish a new connection: [winerror 10048] in the requests thread pool, the interface is called circularly to get the datagram error

To solve the problem that in the requests thread pool, loop call the interface to get data and report an error failed to establish a new connection: [winerror 10048] generally, each socket address (Protocol/network address/port) is only allowed to be used once

My code first

import json
import csv
from threadpool import ThreadPool
import threadpool
from threadpool import makeRequests
import time
import random
with open('all_balance.csv','r') as f:
    list1 = csv.reader(f)
    list1 = list(list1)
def load_data(name):
    while True:
        Payload = {
          "id": 0,
          "jsonrpc": "2.0",
          "method": "Filecoin.StateGetActor",
          [name[0],[{'/': 'bafy2bzaceazzbdegiso5c4tsjipxjmdabpk5uamj6khzhuwycb4bjeafbhaeo'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacea4pnuzojwownzajhjdlqitt4wodbvgmhhfc4dujqdkjz3lgl6sac'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacecjsgkjrcg6bejnqbvm2lktrhxpiazrqwfppueijfzte2bf2kwx42'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzaceaeglquy7h5i6tobxqikaqh2onzvhdjzdhpdneo47grs3qdvvbzc6'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacea2knbqirjgw7rsfrydo6gfams6wnbpfdrvxhasuo6obqipn4zoco'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacecmfiu5w7gpuhvdudqpd4qvwng2wokoj6mqydismrujcobgtcunxe'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacec5mzv2jqqd7k2ripfddlsjv5k2eq52tihjpbtjok37p5hkxep2za'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacedqyr6oufui2plsbykvevrioa6ukuviyb4i5iz5mq34xxq3gzlz32'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacecled7zvadjt2jjn354pfhyga22apgqeh5c3ig3vv62tqb6rujsxk'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacecfyxsfr445b6cvlxnl2p53twzfw4fjqy67bg6nioopb5apa6zb62'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzacech6xyahzbhyyjjd747cyzpllgx4abksncyidxpuxg7hsm2gydxw6'}, {'/': 'bafy2bzaceaisnevf7cpht6cmiwg2l63cqxi5jqyrinjsmdqyvax3delxnj4gg'}]]}
        headers = {"Content-Type": "application/json"}`

        respon ='http://********:1248/rpc/v0',headers=headers, data=json.dumps(Payload))

        if respon.status_code == 200:
            if respon.json().get('result'):
                with open('all_balance_6_24.csv', 'a', encoding='utf-8', newline='') as f:
                    writer = csv.writer(f)
                    writer.writerow([name[0], int(respon.json()['result']['Balance'])/10**18])
tasks = threadpool.makeRequests(load_data, [list1[i] for i in range(1, 488013)])
pool = threadpool.ThreadPool(100)
for task in tasks:

Error code

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\project\chain\lib\site-packages\", line 158, in run
    result = request.callable(*request.args, **request.kwds)
  File "E:\project\chain\", line 22, in load_data
    respon ='',headers=headers, data=json.dumps(Payload))
  File "E:\project\chain\lib\site-packages\requests\", line 119, in post
    return request('post', url, data=data, json=json, **kwargs)
  File "E:\project\chain\lib\site-packages\requests\", line 61, in request
    return session.request(method=method, url=url, **kwargs)
  File "E:\project\chain\lib\site-packages\requests\", line 542, in request
    resp = self.send(prep, **send_kwargs)
  File "E:\project\chain\lib\site-packages\requests\", line 655, in send
    r = adapter.send(request, **kwargs)
  File "E:\project\chain\lib\site-packages\requests\", line 516, in send
    raise ConnectionError(e, request=request)
requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=1248): Max retries exceeded with url: /rpc/v0 (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x0000028BAE472C40>: Failed to establish a new connection: [WinError 10048] 通常每个套接字地址(协议/网络地址/端口)只允许使用一次。'))

Because it’s multithreading, the so-called shutdown of Python process is not the way I want. Finally, I find an effective way to test the effectiveness:

use regedit command to access HKEY_ LOCAL_ Machine/system/currentcontrolset/services/TCPIP/parameters registry subkey and create a new reg named tcptimedwaitdelay_ DWORD value. Set this value to decimal 30, which is hexadecimal 0x0000001E. This value sets the wait time to 30 seconds</ Code>
access HKEY with regedit command_ LOCAL_ Machine/system/currentcontrolset/services/TCPIP/parameters registry subkey and create a new reg named maxuserport_ DWORD value. Stop and restart the system. Default: no recommendation: at least 32768 decimal

When I called the interface, using the command-line tool netstat – N, I found that nearly 4000 connections to the IP address of the target computer running the interface were in time_ In wait state, you can increase the default maxuserport setting and decrease the tcptimedwaitdelay setting at the same time, so that the client anonymous port will not be exhausted. For example, you can set maxuserport to 20000 and tcptimedwaitdelay to 30. A lower tcptimedwaitdelay setting means that the socket is in time_ The waiting time in wait state is shorter. A higher maxuserport setting means that you can put more sockets in time_ Wait status

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