Error Running Context: The server unexpectedly closed the connection

Svn error:

Error running context : The server unexpectedly closed the connection

Error analysis:
means that the remote service has closed the connection. The inspection idea is as follows

1. view firewall firewalld&&iptables
firewall-cmd --stat  
If the return is not running, firewalld is not on
iptables -nL
Check if the rule has a 3690 drop
If you have not used iptables in the environment, you can use iptables -F to clear the rules! Use with caution!
2. Check if the svn service is up
ps uax | grep svn && netstat -lnpt | grep 2690
This method is used to determine the process and port
3. If you are using nginx reverse proxy, pay attention to the configuration of tcp forwarding
Note that especially if you use IF.Svnadmin and forget to configure it
server {
	listen xxx so_keepalived=on;
	server_name xxx;
	proxy_pass svn_server:3690;

There are more methods than problems. Come on!!!!

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