Error: Microsoft Visual C + + 14.0 is required to get it with Microsoft V + + comp

This problem bothered me for three hours, and finally solved. I’m sorry for the three hours of my life if I don’t write it down.

First of all, PIP install sketch, which reports an error

 error: Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required. Get it with "Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools":

When you see the error report, your first reaction is to download the VC + + 14.0 build tools in the prompt.

Open the link and it turns out to be vs2015 build tools. Now I understand that vs 2015 is the VC + + 14.0 in the error report.

Download an online installation package, open it and prepare. Microsoft told me that it needs about 5GB of hard disk space

I already have vs2012 in my computer. This stuff has filled up my C disk. I need to install another vs2015, WTF?

Here, although I have vs2012 in my computer, it is invalid because it requires VC + + 14.0 and the wrong version.

However, it is certain that installing vs2015 build tools can solve the problem. Let’s take a look at the solution of stack overflow

Give up this method and start Baidu

Many people said that they could download the WHL file of scrapy and install it offline, so they downloaded one, and the error is still reported.

There is no link here, because this method is invalid.

However, many people succeeded in installing the WHL file, so I began to analyze the error report carefully, and finally found the clue

The red box in the figure shows that there is an error in building twisted. Then I can manually install the offline package of twisted?

So in Find the twisted installation package

Twisted‑17.9.0‑cp35‑cp35m‑win_ AMD64. WHL directly PIP install this offline WHL, and it was successful.
Finally, PIP install sketch, or install the WHL file of sketch, and it will be successful soon.

The general idea is to report an error when installing a, find the thing B of can’t build, and then manually install the offline WHL of B. If an error is reported during the process of installing B,

Then go to the next level until the installation is successful.

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